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The Muslims of Sri Lanka suffered heavily during colonial rule under the Portuguese and Dutch for nearly three centuries from 1505. In education they were in a state of regression. In 1796 the British replaced the Dutch, who were more tolerant but the Muslims were far behind in education. The Muslims were conspicuously unrepresented in holding high positions in the administration and the professions.

In 1935, Marhoom Dr. A.M.A.Azeez, the first Muslim Civil Servant and eminent educationist, realised that the main reason was that many Muslim students were unable to obtain education at all levels and abandoned higher studies because of their poverty. He was convinced that an attempt to improve the lot of the Muslims in all spheres should give top priority to education.

Marhoom Azeez was the Architect and Founder of the CMSF and was ably supported by another eminent leader and educationist, Marhoom Dr. T.B.Jayah, who said that he could not think of a more deserving cause for the uplift of the Muslims than the CMSF.

The objective of the CMSF “is to see that no Muslim scholar capable and deserving in any part of the Island is deprived of the education he or she deserves for want of money “.

With the founding of The Ceylon Muslim Scholarship Fund there has been much interest shown in education by the Muslim community and there are a large number of professionals and others holding high positions today. Thus the Muslims cannot be considered as backward in education now-thanks to the immense contribution made by the founding fathers of the CMSF in other spheres of education as well.

The CMSF is the pioneering organization in its field and has played a significant role since its formation in 1945 and is a Landmark in the History of Muslim Education.

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