The CMSF Administers an Endowment Fund Scheme on behalf of donors who wish to name them in memory of loved ones or in their own names.

This scheme attracts the more affluent in the community, and has already seen encouraging results. The minimum donation is Rs.200,000 /=

This amount should be paid in full or in installments of a minimum of Rs. 100,000/= at first, and the balance within the following 24 months.

The Endowment Funds will remain intact and grow in perpetuity, as each year a share of the Funds investment income attributable to each Endowment Fund will be added to the principal sum.

The monies thus credited would be used to help educate one or more poor students in keeping with the objectives of the CMSF.

The unutilised income would augment the Endowment Fund and would form the Capital for the following year.

The monies lent to students are repayable and would be added back to the Endowment Fund when repayments are received.

Donors may request reasonable conditions in the selection of students subject to the rules of the CMSF.

We now administer three hundred and forty three Endowment Funds of current value of Rs. 102 million, as at 31-12-2016.

Kindly complete the coupon and send it with your donation.